Minnie: Blooming Bows

A Read-Along eBook

Ages 3-5 eBook with Audio 24 pages Author: Nancy Parent On Sale: 4-16-2013 ISBN: 1-4231-9528-0ISBN: 978-1-4231-9528-3
Ages 3-5 By: Nancy Parent Series: Minnie

Read-Along with Disney!

Minnie’s nieces, Millie and Melody, are very upset!  The paper petals on their posy costumes are falling apart.  Now, it’s up to Minnie to redesign the girls’ costumes.  But can she do it in time for the school’s Posy Pageant?

Hold onto your bows! Minnie must come up with the perfect ‘flower fix’ so the girls come out smelling like roses in this adorable audio enhanced storybook.

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