Catch My Breath

Ages 6-8 Hardcover 48 pages Author: Paul Briggs Illustrator: Paul Briggs On Sale: 9-19-2017 ISBN: 1-4847-2837-8ISBN: 978-1-4847-2837-6
Ages 6-8 By: Paul Briggs Series: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Breath . . . it inspires so many silly sayings. Let me catch my breath. You take my breath away. I need a breath of fresh air. And how did little white flowers come to be known as Baby’s Breath? Breath is a mystery in more ways than one. And this story is all about breath: losing it, trying to find it, even trying to buy it.In the imagination of Paul Briggs, a boy’s breath becomes personified, and it zooms away through farm, forest, and sea, returning only when the boy least expects it.

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