Iron Man: Invasion of the Space Phantoms

A Might Marvel Chapter Book

Ages Paperback 128 pages Author: Steve Behling On Sale: 3-29-2016 ISBN: 1484732693ISBN: 9781484732694
Ages By: Steve Behling Series: Iron Man

DANGER! Menacing mongrels and frightening phantoms ahead! Whether running Stark Industries or suited up as Iron Man, Tony Stark has dedicated his life to making sure his technologies do not harm others.

When S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Coulson informs Tony that two Avengers went missing while looking into one of his inventions, Tony immediately transforms into Iron Man and jets off to find them! But his simple rescue turns out to be . . . NOT SO SIMPLE.

Along the way he must face mutating dogs, robotic sharks, and freaky shape-shifting monsters from another dimension! As Tony tries to take on the problems himself, he realizes he needs help from his fellow Avengers. But will they arrive in time? Or will Tony be left out in the cold against ANOTHER THREAT- THE SPACE PHANTOMS?