Moana: The Mighty Maui Makes a Friend

Ages 6-8 Hardcover 32 pages Author: Kalikolehua Hurley Illustrator: Mehrdad Isvandi On Sale: 2-21-2017 ISBN: 1-4847-8292-5ISBN: 978-1-4847-8292-7
Ages 6-8 By: Kalikolehua Hurley Series: Moana

As a demigod, Maui has done a lot to help humanity. He slowed the sun to make the days longer and used his magical fishhook to pull up new islands. He battled monsters and even helped create coconuts. But there’s one thing Maui has never done: be somebody’s friend. Follow Maui on his journey to become the best friend ever–with some help from the brave voyager named Moana, that is.

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