Oh My Godmother: The Spell Bind

Ages 9-12 Hardcover 256 pages Author: Barbara Brauner, James Iver Mattson On Sale: 10-28-2014 ISBN: 1-4231-6476-8ISBN: 978-1-4231-6476-0
Ages 9-12 By: Barbara Brauner, James Iver Mattson Series: Oh My Godmother

For the first time ever, the Godmothers’ League is allowing a student to be homeschooled-and that student just happens to be Lacey Unger-Ware. Fairy godmother training is tougher than it seems, though. Rhyming spells, magic dresses, and all those fairy-godmothering books are just the start of Lacey’s troubles. When jetpack-obsessed Martin Shembly goes from unpopular to the biggest outcast in Lincoln Middle School history, Lacey tries to help…with a little magic. Oops! Now she’s caught in a serious spell bind! Martin is her new fairy godmother client! And if she fails to fix Martin’s problems, Lacey and Katarina will be whooshed away to the South Pole. Worse: Martin’s life will permanently stink. Forever. Will Lacey’s training be enough to save them all? Or is Katarina going to need to learn to speak penguin?

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