Out at Home

Ages 9-12 Hardcover 208 pages Author: Cal Ripken Jr. On Sale: 3-3-2015 ISBN: 1-4231-7867-XISBN: 978-1-4231-7867-5
Ages 9-12 By: Cal Ripken Jr. Series: Cal Ripken Jr.'s All-Stars

Mickey Labriogla is the best catcher in the league. He’s got a cannon for an arm, calls a great game, and blocks the plate like a bulldozer with shin guards. But when a hotshot new pitcher joins the Dulaney Orioles, Mickey wonders if it isn’t time to find another position–or maybe another team. Zoom’s the most arrogant player the Orioles have ever seen. But even Coach Labriogla, Mickey’s dad, seems in awe of the kid’s talent and willing to overlook his insufferable behavior. When Mickey and Zoom find themselves rivals for the attention of the mysterious Abby Elliott, who works the concession stand, any chance the two teammates can get along goes out the window. As the Orioles head to a seemingly-inevitable showdown in the new “Super-Regional” against Zoom’s old team, the powerful Laurel Yankees, the clash between Mickey and Zoom threatens to break the team apart–and derail a championship season.

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