Streetball Crew Book One: Sasquatch in the Paint

Ages 9-12 Hardcover 272 pages Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Raymond Obstfeld On Sale: 9-24-2013 ISBN: 1-4231-7870-XISBN: 978-1-4231-7870-5
Ages 9-12 By: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Raymond Obstfeld Series: Streetball Crew

Theo Rollins is starting eighth grade six inches taller, and his new height is making everyone expect more from him. Coach Mandrake wants to transform him from invisible science geek into star basketball player, even though Theo has little experience with the game.

When Theo tries to hone his skills by playing pick-up ball in the park, kids are eager to include him at first; then they quickly see that he has no control of his gangly body. A girl named Rain even dubs him “Sasquatch.” To make matters worse, all his time spent on training is starting to hurt his science club’s chances of winning the “Aca-lympics,” the school’s trivia competition. Just when Theo thinks he can’t handle any more pressure, he’s accused of stealing.

Can he find the real thief before he is kicked off the basketball and science club teams, or will his attempt at sleuthing be yet another air ball?

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