Shake It Up: Born to Dance

Ages 9-12 Paperback 128 pages Author: Zendaya On Sale: 9-3-2013 ISBN: 1-4231-8461-0ISBN: 978-1-4231-8461-4
Ages 9-12 By: Zendaya Series: Shake It Up!

When Rocky and CeCe arrive on the set of Shake It Up, Chicago!, they find that it has burned down! Not only are the girls out of a job, but CeCe may have caused the fire! Will CeCe take the blame? Then, with Shake It Up, Chicago! burned to the ground, Rocky and CeCe resort to getting their dance on with the dismal school Spirit Squad.

Can the girls choreograph a show-stopping routine for the squad to perform at the big pep rally? Or will the whole student body laugh at a lackluster performance?

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