Space Mountain (Volume 1)

Ages 9-12 Paperback 176 pages Author: Bryan Q. Miller Illustrator: Kelley Jones On Sale: 5-6-2014 ISBN: 1-4231-6229-3ISBN: 978-1-4231-6229-2
Ages 9-12 By: Bryan Q. Miller

“Beautifully illustrated, wonderfully crafted, the story leaps from the pages faster than you can turn them.  Pull down the safety bar and sit tight: you’re in for a ride.” –Ridley Pearson, author of the Kingdom Keepers series The year is 2125 and the Magellan Science Academy has given two lucky cadets special Thulium tickets to join a team of space explorers on a time-travel mission twenty-four hours into the future.  But when their mission goes wrong, the two kids must band together with a tiny flying saucer sidekick to save themselves, their crew, and all of Space Mountain–before time runs out and the galaxy is destroyed!

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