The Boy Who Knew Too Much

Ages 9-12 Hardcover 320 pages Author: Commander S.T. Bolivar III On Sale: 10-18-2016 ISBN: 1-4847-5358-5ISBN: 978-1-4847-5358-3
Ages 9-12 By: Commander S.T. Bolivar III Series: Munchem Academy
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Mattie Larimore used to be the good son-compared to his brother, Carter, at least. But that was before Mattie stole a train, got caught, and was sent to Munchem Academy, the world’s greatest reform school. Or is it? Because the kids at Munchem don’t seem very, well . . . reformed. Mostly, they seem terrifying, and the whole place is just a little off.


Mattie has to get out. Fast.


But it may not be fast enough. Headmaster Rooney is tired of dealing with problem students. His solution, however, may prove to be too radical. When Carter is suddenly next in line for Rooney’s master plan, Mattie and the renegade siblings, Eliot and Caroline, must band together to save him and the rest of Munchem’s students before all is lost.


Suddenly, Mattie-the good son-must find his inner hero and fight back. And that’s how the world’s greatest thief got his start.

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