The Classroom: Trick Out My School!

Ages 9-12 Hardcover 288 pages Author: Robin Mellom Illustrator: Stephen Gilpin On Sale: 6-17-2014 ISBN: 1-4231-5065-1ISBN: 978-1-4231-5065-7
Ages 9-12 By: Robin Mellom Series: The Classroom

A documentary crew has descended upon Westside Middle School to detail the life of an average seventh grader named Trevor Jones and his classmates.  Using one-on-one interviews and film footage, as well as notebook drawings, blueprints, clipboard sketches, and doodles, they will tell the story of one school’s tricked-out makeover.  Say good-bye to those squeaky seats, and hello to…beanbag chairs?

Find out what happens when a second film crew arrives and Trevor is forced to confront his no-change policy to help his best friend, Libby Gardner, trick out their school.  When the paint finally dries, it will be epic.

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