Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland: An Illustrated Journey Through Time

Ages Adult Hardcover 176 pages Author: Mark Salisbury On Sale: 4-12-2016 ISBN: 978-1-4847-3769-9
Ages Adult By: Mark Salisbury Series: Alice in Wonderland

Nearly 60 years after Lewis Carroll’s literal masterpiece Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first published, a new filmmaker named Walt Disney created a silent film about a little girl named Alice and her adventures in Cartoonland. The pilot launched a 56-episode series and led Disney down a rabbit hole to form a company that would go on to become synonymous with fairy tales—including making further versions of the Alice story with the beloved 1951 animated film, the more-recent live-action versions, and several iconic Disney Park experiences. Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland: An Illustrated History delves behind-the-scenes of those whimsical worlds.


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