When Trull Attacks!

Marvel Monsters Unleashed

Ages 9-12 Paperback 176 pages Author: Steve Behling On Sale: 10-3-2017 ISBN: 1-3680-0249-8ISBN: 978-1-3680-0249-3
Ages 9-12 By: Steve Behling Series: Monsters Unleashed

It’s the start of summer vacation, but for 10-year-old Louisa Brooks, things look grim. Her family just moved to a new town, where Louisa knows no one. All she wants to do is read, but her parents insist thatLouisa explore the new neighborhood and make friends. She has no idea that lurking in her town is an unwelcome visitor from a distant world, one who can take over all the machines, bending them to its will. Louisa’s about to come face-to-face with the terrible Trull! Includes full-color comic insert and character power grids in the back of the book!

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