Magic Delivery


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Nick is a natural born businessman.  His schoolmates think he’s a heartless hustler, but secretly he’s just trying to earn money to help his mother, who works two jobs.  Eager to be part of the popular circle, Nick wheedles an invitation to Hayley’s upcoming Halloween party by agreeing to get her the answers to a test.  His goofy friend Burger wants to be part of the deal too, and he nearly blows it for Nick, but desperate Hayley finally caves.  Nick and Burger are riding home high on their success–even on their old, beat-up bikes–when they see a delivery van careen off the side of the road.  The boys could have sworn that the driver was a bear . . . but that couldn’t be right.  Or could it?  Turns out the van is carrying a load of costumes.  With the driver nowhere in sight, Nick’s first thought is about how much money he could get by selling the merchandise.  Burger just wants to try them out, for fun.  In the gorilla costume he chooses, Burger is very convincing.  Is that just Burger fooling around, as usual, or is there something strange about these outfits?  Once again Clete Barrett Smith makes a wild premise believable and funny in a story perfectly pitched to middle graders.

  • Released

    August 5th, 2014
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  • Illustrated By

    Michal Dziekan