Oh My Godmother: The Magic Mistake

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After becoming the most awkward fairy godmother ever, twelve year old Lacey Unger-Ware thought that her magical duties were done for good.  In fact, she’s just getting started.  When Lacey is invited to attend the Godmother Academy it should be a dream come true.  But to Lacey it means the total opposite: she’ll have to be separated from her friends and family for a hundred years.  Um, no thank you!  But this is an offer Lacey can’t refuse.  The fairy godmother Katarina knows that Lacey will be cursed forever if she doesn’t complete the magical test.

Now Lacey must find the true love for one special lady and arrange the perfect wedding before time runs out.  With her best friends Sunny and Paige along to help, there’s a glimmer of hope.  But where’s a fairy godmother to save the day when you need one?  Oh, wait… The second book in Barbara Brauner and James Iver Mattson’s middle grade series is full of heart and charm, and Abigail Halpin’s black-and-white illustrations are irresistible.

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    February 4th, 2014
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    Abigail Halpin