School Dance Madness (Volume 3)


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Tonight is the Mouston school dance and Minnie can’t wait to go!  She even designed a special dress to wear.  The only problem is, she spent so much time working on her dress that she forgot to find a date, and she doesn’t want to go alone!

Daisy, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with the dance.  She would much rather watch a monster movie with her friend Leonard.  So when Mrs. Flamingo gives Daisy two tickets to tonight’s Monster Mayhem movie festival, Daisy knows just who to ask to go with her.

But when she goes to find Leonard, she overhears him working up a speech.  He’s planning to ask her to the dance!  Daisy doesn’t like like Leonard, but she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Should she agree to go with him?  And can she find Minnie a date before it’s too late?

  • Released

    July 30th, 2013
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  • Illustrated By

    Davide Baldoni, Fabio Pochet, Stefania Fiorillo