The Talented Clementine


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Winner or washout? When it comes to tackling third grade, Clementine is at the top of her game-okay, so maybe not all the time.

After her teacher announces that the third and fourth graders will be putting on a talent show, Clementine panics. She doesn’t sing or dance or play an instrument. She can’t even hop with finesse. And as if she didn’t feel bad enough, her perfect best friend, Margaret, has so many talents, she has to alphebetize them to keep them straight…

As the night of the big “Talent-palooza” draws closer, Clementine is desperate for an act, any act. But the unexpected talent she demonstrates at the show surprises everyone–most of all herself.

This next Clementine book is sure to bring the house down!

  • Released

    May 1st, 2007
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  • Illustrated By

    Marla Frazee