Dream Chasing

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For creative leaders, Disney Fans, and business executives, Dream Chasing checks all the boxes in an action-packed narrative.

Disney experiences enthrall millions of guests around the world. How does it all become a reality? Dream Chasing is an action-packed journey, a recounting by author Bob Weis of four decades of creating and seeing to completion challenging projects, leading teams from the top secret, high-tech corridors of Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) to the highest levels of The Walt Disney Company. Our author recounts working on and overseeing projects that took him from Anaheim, California, to the swampy wetlands of Central Florida, and even on to Paris; Washington, D.C.; Russia; Tokyo; Shanghai; and the massive shipyards of Papenburg, Germany.

As a former Imagineering president, Bob Weis was part of the second generation of Imagineers. His page-turner of a story follows the path of someone who never lost his passion for chasing big innovative dreams in spite of having to navigate over bumpy roads tied to a slew of issues and concerns—grounded in design, technology, politics, and culture (to name a few) just to bring an array of Disney experiences to reality. Bob’s drive was fueled by a belief in something Walt Disney once said: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”Dreams, as Weis writes, “come from a place of infinite possibilities, from a part of us that doesn’t recognize limits.

Dreams are exciting, frustrating, and sometimes illusive, as hard to hold on to as pixie dust, like glitter falling through your fingers.”Sometimes they are meant to happen, and they do; sometimes they are meant to happen, and they don’t. But every dream is an adventure, driven by the vision and passion of teams that believe any dream worth doing, is worth chasing.

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    September 24th, 2024
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