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Rise of the Black Quarterback

By: Jason Reid
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The Orville: Sympathy for the Devil

By: Seth McFarlane

The Catch Me If You Can

By: Jessica Nabongo

100 Great American Parks

By: Stephanie Pearson

By The Book

By: Jasmine Guillory

Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World

By: Marcy Carriker Smothers & The Disney Chefs, Pam Brandon

Art of Coloring: Walt Disney World

By: Kevin M. Kern Illustrated By: Fabiola Garza, Kevin M. Kern

Into the Forest

By: Susan Tyler Hitchcock

Octopus, Seahorse, Jellyfish

By: David Liittschwager

Women of Walt Disney Imagineering

By: Becky Bishop, Elisabete Erlandson, Julie Svendsen, Karen Connolly Armitage, Kathy Rogers, Katie Olson, Lynne Macer Rhodes, Maggie Elliott, Pam Rank, Paula Dinkel, Peggie Fariss, Tori Atencio McCulloug

Tempest Runner

By: Cavan Scott

Never Give Up

By: Bear Grylls

A Little Closer to Home

By: Ginger Zee

The Fallen Star

By: Claudia Gray

Beyond Possible

By: Nims Purja

The Blue Zones Challenge

By: Dan Buettner

100 Slopes of a Lifetime

By: Gordy Megroz

Walt’s Disneyland

By: Marcy Carriker Smothers

National Geographic Ocean

By: Sylvia A. Earle

Lost Cities, Ancient Tombs

By: National Geographic

Fauci: Expect the Unexpected

By: National Geographic

The Good Kings

By: Kara Cooney

Star Wars Visions: Ronin

By: Emma Mieko Candon

The Throwback List

By: Lily Anderson

The Little Things in Life

By: Catherine Hapka Illustrated By: Mike Wall

Tempest Runner

By: Cavan Scott
If the Shoe Fits

If The Shoe Fits

By: Julie Murphy

Thrawn: Treason

By: Timothy Zahn

The Rising Storm

By: Cavan Scott

Cosmic Queries

By: James Trefil, Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book

By: Cole Bowden, Loren Bouchard, The Writers of Bob's Burgers

Light of the Jedi

By: Charles Soule

The High Republic Free Digital Sampler

By: Cavan Scott, Charles Soule, Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland
Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks

Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks

By: Charlie Price, Graham Allan, Rebecca Cline

The What to Eat When Cookbook

By: Jim Perko, Michael Crupain, Michael F. Roizen
Disney Eats

Disney Eats

By: Joy Howard

The Golden Girls Cookbook

By: Christopher Styler
The Disney Monorail

The Disney Monorail

By: Jeff Kurtti, Paul Wolski, Vanessa Hunt


By: Leslie Kay

Frances Mayes Always Italy

By: Frances Mayes, Ondine Cohane
Golden Girls: Thank You For Being A Friend

Golden Girls: Thank You For Being A Friend

By: Julie Houts Illustrated By: Julie Houts
The Art of Mulan

The Art of Mulan

By: Jeff Kurtti

100 Hikes of a Lifetime

By: Kate Siber

What to Eat When

By: Michael Crupain, Michael F. Roizen, Ted Spiker
One Day At Disney

One Day at Disney

By: Bruce Steele

The Blue Zones Kitchen

By: Dan Buettner
Art of Hand Lettering Love

Art of Hand Lettering

By: Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini

Delicious Disney: The Fresh Edition

By: Pam Brandon and the Disney Chefs
The Art of Disney Costuming

The Art of Disney Costuming

By: Jeff Kurtti, Staff of the Walt Disney Archives
Magic Journey

Magic Journey

By: Kevin Rafferty
Marc Davis In His Own Words

Marc Davis in His Own Words

By: Christopher Merritt, Pete Docter
Crashing Heat

Crashing Heat

By: Richard Castle

100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas

By: Joe Yogerst

Thrawn: Alliances

By: Tiimothy Zahn

A Walk in the Wood

By: Joseph Parent, Nancy Parent
Poster Art cover

Art of Coloring: Poster Art of the Disney Parks

By: The imagineers Illustrated By: The Imagineers

Travels With Walt Disney

By: Jeff Kurtti

Star Wars: Thrawn

By: Timothy Zahn

Disney*Pixar: A Pop-Up Celebration

By: Matthew Reinhart Illustrated By: Matthew Reinhart

Natural Disaster

By: Ginger Zee

The Art of Tennessee Loveless

By: David A. Bossert

The Chew Quick & Easy

By: The Chew Staff