National Geographic World From Above



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Go on a global aerial odyssey with this photographic compendium of more than 200 full-color images from on high, by the world’s most innovative photographers at National Geographic.

See the world from a unique perspective with this gorgeous, oversized coffee table book—the perfect gift for lovers of art, nature, photography, and travel!

Join National Geographic on a world tour like no other, with over 200 exhilarating photographs that’ll take you soaring above the colorful roofs of European cities, discovering the intricate patchwork of American cornfields, tracing the surprising silhouettes of tropical islands, and witnessing the startling intricacy of underwater anemones—all thanks to photographers who refocused their lenses, looking down.

This extraordinary collection contains:

  • 4 sections exploring how these images from above speak to us through color, shape, texture, and scale.
  • In-depth interviews with prestigious photographers showing how the artists climbed, flew, dug, or rocketed into space to capture their most impressive shots.
  • Dedicated sidebars revealing how we have always experimented with top-down perspective, from ancient earthworks to modern drones.

Curated by acclaimed nature photographer and National Geographic explorer Jeffrey Kerby, every photo in World From Above offers a new way of looking at life on our planet.

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    October 1st, 2024
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