The Inherited Mind

A Story of Family, Hope, and the Genetics of Mental Illness



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A compelling memoir by ABC News correspondent James Longman where he discusses mental illness and trauma in families, what the latest genetic science is telling us, and how to not only persevere but thrive.

James Longman was a preteen in boarding school when his dad, who was a person with schizophrenia, died by suicide. James’s mother struggled with alcoholism and depression. As he got older, James’s own bouts of depression spurred him to examine how his parents’ mental health might have affected his own. He engaged with experts to uncover the science behind what is inherited; how much environmental factors can impact genetic traits; and how one can overcome a familial history of mental illness and trauma.

In The Inherited Mind, James Longman invites readers to reflect on their own stories as he shares his quest to better understand himself and his family. Through speaking to mental health experts, to those who have had similar familial experiences, and about his own life stories, James shows us, with heart and humor, how much our bodies can empower and inform us about our own personal mental health histories.

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    January 7th, 2025
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