National Geographic Invisible Wonders

Photographs of the Hidden World


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“If we hold our breath and gaze a bit more carefully at our world, we might just glimpse a few beautiful secrets hiding in plain sight.”  —Author and curator Anand Varma

The long tongue of a hummingbird. The intricate shape of a butterfly pupa. The propulsive appendages of a cancer cell. These and many more phenomena appear in this astonishing book, revealing a world once invisible to the naked eye, but now revealed through the lenses of today’s most innovative photographers.

Invisible Wonders explores how size and time, light and focus, can show us our world in brand new ways. From the microscopic to the cosmic, from minuscule elements to intricate life-forms, here is a surprising assortment of objects we are unable to see with own eyes. Contemporary photographers offer insight into the innovative artistry that makes these images possible, alongside Varma’s commentary what has inspired his own work.

Filled with breathtaking images and examples of technical mastery, this glorious book unveils the “beautiful secrets” to be found in this world of invisible wonders.

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    September 26th, 2023
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