Upworthy – GOOD PEOPLE

Stories From the Best of Humanity

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For anyone who could use proof that the world is full of good people, this beautifully illustrated book features 101 stories of human decency from Upworthy, the beloved social media brand that reaches more than 100 million people per month.

This heartening book from Upworthy, the kindest place on the internet, offers respite to everyone navigating an increasingly turbulent world, both online and off. Filled with personal stories handpicked from millions of the brand’s impassioned followers, it reinforces the notion that humanity is fundamentally good.

Rippling with emotion, humor, and honesty, the tales collected here are mined from the community’s comment section in response to such questions as: What’s the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you? Who’s the teacher who changed your life? When did the “little things” make a difference? Who was there for you when you needed it most? Each chapter is anchored by intimate long-form stories punctuated with lighthearted anecdotes and whimsical line drawings. Together, they provide a stirring testament to the complexity and resilience of the human spirit.

An inspiring counterbalance to today’s daunting news cycle, this timely book is a go-to resource for comfort and joy.

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    September 3rd, 2024
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