Silicon Hearts

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The soapy workplace drama of The Bold Type meets the unflinching exposé of Industry.

The youngest and brightest of the tech world are invited to work for one of the most prestigious companies in Silicon Valley, but when they discover that only a precious few will be offered full-time jobs, reckless ambition and cut-throat competition eclipse their burgeoning friendships and romances.

Beekor Industries is the biggest tech company in the world. They have transformed the way society interacts with hologram technology, from mobile phones to public transportation to smart apparel. Every developer, coder, hacker, software architect, and engineer dreams of counting themself among the geniuses at Beekor.

Small-town twenty-one-year-old Camila Diaz has always dreamed of working in the tech world, but never even imagined she’d walk the hallowed halls of Beekor Industries, let alone be in the running to join the company she’s idolized her entire life. When she’s accepted to Beekor’s renowned Accelerator Program as a page, Cam knows everything is on the line. The six-month program brings recent college grads to the Beekor campus to live and work for the esteemed company in the hope of earning a coveted job offer.

Upon arrival at Beekor, reality quickly settles in as Cam discovers that the four other pages she is competing against—and living with—are each more impressive than the next. The well-connected and effervescent Avery, the chic and brilliant Sofia, the thoughtful and gifted James, and the enigmatic and way-too-charming Marcus make up this year’s page class and prove to be formidable opponents. Driven by stiff competition and the chance for a life in Silicon Valley, they’ll soon learn that they need each other more than they know, finding friendship—as well as a little romance—along the way.

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    August 8th, 2023
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