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America the Beautiful showcases the stunning spaces closest to our nation’s heart—from the woods that Davy Crocket once called home in the Great Valley of Appalachia to the breathtaking sweep of California’s Big Sur coast to the wilds of Alaska.
Now in an appealing giftable package, this image collection celebrates our nation’s natural and cultural history, as well as the people who have made this country what it is. Featuring a wide range of images including the Arikara Nation in the early 1900s and scientists preparing for travel to Mars on a Hawaiian island, this stunning book also includes the voices of celebrities, icons, and activists from every state. Each stunning image reveals what makes each state special, with commentary from such voices as Maya Rudolph (California), Jimmy Buffet (Florida), James Earl Jones (Michigan), Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (North Carolina), Ronda Rousey (North Dakota), and the late Loretta Lynn (Kentucky).
Curated from more than 135 years of National Geographic’s vaunted archives, America the Beautiful showcases the splendor of this great nation as only National Geographic can, with a dramatic combination of modern and historical imagery. Both profound and inspiring, this book is for everyone who has ever marveled at the beauty of the United States.

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    March 5th, 2024
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