The Joy Strategist

Your Path to Inner Change


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In her thirty years working as a music industry executive at Island Def Jam and Jive Records, Grace Harry has lived her many creative lives at the intersection of music, art, and the passionate pursuit of joy—a long forgotten, but vital birthright. Many of us have no idea what joy truly is, and capturing it is often easier said than done.

In The Joy Strategist, Grace takes readers on a journey to explore all dimensions of joy: how we find it, how we can re-discover it, and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives.

Sometimes lighthearted and always real, The Joy Strategist shows readers how to break through creative or emotional ruts that keep them from tapping into their innate ability to feel true and unfettered joy. Grace coaches readers with meaningful autobiographical anecdotes and her toolbox of playful activities, which include:

–Reconnecting with your “inner GPS,” the pilot light that guided you toward joyful experience without inhibition as a child.

–Ceasing the war you’ve waged against your Heart and heal the wounds preventing you from giving and receiving love.

— Cultivating your “Starting Five,” or the community of people closest to you that will show up and support you on your journey, and how to best show up for them as well.

–Breaking free from your Ego and dismantling the limiting beliefs that keep your deepest hopes and aspirations out of grasp.

A mix of memoir, prescriptive self-help exercises, and cultural commentary on joy, The Joy Strategist will equip readers to define what exactly brings them joy so that they can live lives imbued with wonder, self-love, and creative abundance.

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    October 17th, 2023
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