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Sage and the Journey to Wishworld

By: Ahmet Zappa, Shana Muldoon Zappa

Twelve students have been selected to reclaim the wish energy that powers their beloved planet, Starland. The Star Darlings take classes where they learn how to grant wishes. Their top-secret mission takes them to Wishworld, where they must find the Wisher and figure out how to grant the wish before time runs out. In this adventure, travel with Sage as she learns the importance of friendship and teamwork.

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Libby and the Class Election

By: Ahmet Zappa, Shana Muldoon Zappa

Libby is a people pleaser who is slow at making decisions. She has to learn how to say no, stand up for herself, and feel more confident about her choices. In this book, Libby finds a flower in the Wish Caves, but her only clue as to whom it belongs is a ballot with two names on it. Will Libby be able to identify who the Wisher is and grant the wish before time runs out?


Leona's Unlucky Mission

By: Ahmet Zappa, Shana Muldoon Zappa

Leona is very focused on her studies and is especially busy as the lead vocalist in the Star Darlings band. Star-Zaps start buzzing, and the girls know it's probably time for one of them to head to Wishworld. It's Leona's turn, and she's bursting with excitement. She can't wait to get there and become a successful Wish-Granter. But she'll have to challenge herself to put her own desires aside and truly understand what her Wisher needs—before her Countdown Clock runs out of time.


Scarlet Discovers True Strength

By: Ahmet Zappa, Shana Muldoon Zappa

Scarlet has been keeping to herself. But she is convinced that her removal from the Star Darlings was a terrible mistake. With Vega's help she starts an investigation. Meanwhile, Ophelia is chosen to go on a Wishworld mission, for which she is hopelessly unprepared. Will Scarlet be the one to rescue Ophelia and the mission?


Vega and the Fashion Disaster

By: Ahmet Zappa, Shana Muldoon Zappa

There are lots of strange things going on at Starling Academy these days: Leona is devastated about her Wish Pendant failure. Ophelia, the newest Star Darling, is completely clueless. Vega's roommate, Piper, is getting on her last nerve. And Scarlet? Who knows? She's nowhere to be found! So when by-the-book Vega gets sent to Wishworld on the next mission, she finds herself very distracted. Why is her Wisher so secretive? Vega needs to solve this puzzle fast. Time is running out and Starland needs every drop of wish energy it can get!


Cassie Comes Through

By: Ahmet Zappa, Shana Muldoon Zappa

Starf! The day Cassie has been dreading since she first arrived at Starling Academy is here. She has been chosen to make the journey to Wishworld for the next Wish Mission. Lady Stella, the headmistress, assures her she's going to do a starmendous job. Cassie is so sensitive and perceptive she'll be a natural! But her mission is even harder than she feared. Everything just seems all wrong. And there's no help in sight. Could Cassie be the first Star Darling who simply can't make her Wisher's wish come true?

Piper's Perfect Dream (Volume 7)

Piper's Perfect Dream

By: Ahmet Zappa, Shana Muldoon Zappa

Mysterious things continue to happen on Starland every day as the girls wait to see who will go on the next Wish Mission. Piper has a dream that she will be the one and indeed she is. Piper has a lot to learn when she finds herself working at a diner. Confident that she's identified her Wisher's wish, Piper enjoys her time on Wishworld. But as her Countdown Clock ticks away can she dismiss her earlier assumptions and discover the true wish?

Astra's Mixed-Up Mission (Volume 8)

Astra's Mixed-Up Mission

By: Ahmet Zappa, Shana Muldoon Zappa

Life on Starland is anything but normal these days. The Star Darlings continue to experience mysterious phenomena while trying to focus on their studies and maintain their cover. Star athlete Astra is chosen for the next Wish Mission. Her overconfident nature leads her to quick conclusions about her Wisher's true wish. Can Astra put aside her own interests and assumptions and help Emma before time runs out?


Tessa's Lost and Found

By: Ahmet Zappa, Shana Muldoon Zappa

As more and more disturbing things happen on Starland, the Star Darlings gather each morning to try to unravel clues to what's wrong. One unimaginable theory is that Lady Stella herself is behind all the trouble. In the meantime, Tessa is selected to travel to Wishworld where she finds herself in a perfect spot for her—an animal shelter. When a terrible storm occurs, Tessa and her Wisher Lizzie must work together to take care of the helpless animals in the shelter, all while Tessa tries to discover Lizzie's real wish and help grant it before time runs out.