Big Words for Little Astronauts



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This stunningly illustrated picture book is jam-packed with fascinating information and a galactic glossary that will inspire budding astronauts to shoot for the stars!

From sounding out big words—like “propulsion,” “meteorite,” and even “extraterrestrial”!—to simplifying big concepts—like gravity and atmosphere—this star-studded dictionary is the perfect launching pad for kids who absolutely love all things space. It features more than 50 wow-worthy words, each with a definition and phonetic pronunciation, helping your little explorer sound like an expert in no time.

Cosmic illustrations, fascinating photos, and a lovable character, Grover the rover, will keep every space-loving kid engaged and wanting more. And, with the seal of approval from Kathryn Sullivan—former astronaut and the first American woman to walk in space for NASA—readers can trust that our content is coming straight from the source.

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    October 8th, 2024
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