Iva Honeysuckle Meets Her Match

Uncertain, Virginia is no place for an explorer like Iva Honeysuckle to spend the summer.  When Iva finds out her family is going on vacation, she’s thrilled.  She knows she will make her next great discovery at Stingray Point.  The very name promises adventure and danger.  Iva soon realizes that Stingray Point isn’t the exciting place she thought it was.  But then Iva hears about the legend of Chessie, the town’s very own sea monster.  Spotting Chessie would blow all other discoveries out of the water.  Stalking a sea monster isn’t as easy as it looks.  Iva needs a partner–all the best discoverers have one.  Iva may have the brains and determination to find Chessie, but she needs someone with a healthy dose of luck. When Iva realizes just who happens to be her perfect match, it will be her greatest discovery of all.

Iva Honeysuckle Discovers the World

Eight-year-old Iva Honeycutt is sure that she’s destined for greatness.  And this summer Iva has big plans to make her first great discovery: finding General Braddock’s treasure, which was buried somewhere in her small town of Uncertain, Virginia during the French and Indian War.

And to make sure she’s up to the task, she invents a new name for her discoverer self, Iva Honeysuckle.  Still, even a great discoverer can hit a few bumps on the road.  Like Iva’s bossy double-first cousin, Heaven.  And her great-great-grandfather Ludwell’s treasure map not exactly being crystal clear.  And on top of it all, her supposedly trusty dog, Sweetlips, falling asleep on the job.

Must Iva do everything on her own? Candice Ransom and Heather Ross have created a sweet, self-assured and completely irrepressible heroine in Iva.