Tiger Lily and the Secret Treasure of Neverland


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Welcome to Neverland–where an unforgettable adventure is about to begin . . . 

Tiger Lily and her community, the Indigenous people of Neverland, possess a unique ability: they can choose to grow up. But for now, Tiger Lily is enjoying being thirteen, spending time with her grandmother and exploring alongside her horse and her friends.

Then Tiger Lily uncovers a plot by two of Captain Hook’s pirates, who are searching for a mysterious, powerful treasure. Determined to protect Neverland, Tiger Lily sets out on a very grown-up mission: find the treasure first, and keep it out of the pirates’ reckless hands.

As her journey takes her from Mermaid Lagoon to the Lost Boys’ hideaway and beyond, Tiger Lily will need to become the brave leader she has always wanted to be. Can she save her home and people she loves before it’s too late?

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    March 21st, 2023
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