Minnie & Daisy Best Friends Forever: Lost in the Museum

Minnie and Daisy’s class is going on a field trip to the Moushattan Museum of History.  Minnie is really excited because she loves art and history; Daisy thinks it’s going to be a snoozefest.  When they get to the museum, their history teacher announces that the students will be doing a scavenger hunt.  They have a list of questions to solve, and the answers can be found in the museum’s exhibits.  The first team to finish with correct answers will get extra credit toward their history grade!

The hunt is going fine, until Daisy suggests that she and Minnie split up.  She thinks they can divide and conquer, and she really wants to win because her history grade is suffering.  Minnie sets off in search of a famous painting and Daisy heads out to the Bumblebeegypt room.  They are supposed to meet back at the lobby, but when Daisy doesn’t show up, Minnie is worried.

Is Daisy lost?  Will she get back in time–and with the correct answer–so they can win the scavenger hunt?

Friends on Ice (Volume 4)

The town of Mouston is holding a student ice skating competition, and naturally, being a jock of all sports, Daisy wants to enter. However, the rules require teams of three, and while Minnie is an obvious choice, Daisy still needs to find a third team member. Konnie, the foreign exchange student has a sprained ankle. Leonard is a hockey champion . . . on his Flighty Ducks phone app. So that leaves Nancy, and she is afraid is afraid of ice-skate blades-especially the toe pick! Teaching Nancy to skate is hard-harder than the ice she falls on every thirty seconds! Meanwhile, Abigail and her sidekicks are coming up with a plan to win-no matter what. Will Minnie, Daisy, and Nancy be able to edge out the competition?

School Dance Madness (Volume 3)

Tonight is the Mouston school dance and Minnie can’t wait to go!  She even designed a special dress to wear.  The only problem is, she spent so much time working on her dress that she forgot to find a date, and she doesn’t want to go alone!

Daisy, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with the dance.  She would much rather watch a monster movie with her friend Leonard.  So when Mrs. Flamingo gives Daisy two tickets to tonight’s Monster Mayhem movie festival, Daisy knows just who to ask to go with her.

But when she goes to find Leonard, she overhears him working up a speech.  He’s planning to ask her to the dance!  Daisy doesn’t like like Leonard, but she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Should she agree to go with him?  And can she find Minnie a date before it’s too late?