A Disney Read-Along

Ages 3-5 eBook with Audio 66 pages On Sale: 10-21-2014 ISBN: 1-4847-2662-6ISBN: 978-1-4847-2662-4
Ages 3-5 Series: Feast

Read along with Disney! Boston terrier Winston was thrilled when he found an owner. He loved his friend. He loved his home. And he especially loved his food! His owner always shared his food—nachos, popcorn, bacon, you name it! But both of their lives take an unexpected turn when the owner’s new girlfriend has a different, healthier food menu in mind. Taking place over many years, this storybook tells the story of one man’s love life through the eyes of his dog and revealed through the many meals they share together. Enjoy this heartwarming tale featuring word-for-word narration and based on the Walt Disney Animation Studio short, debuting with Big Hero 6 in theaters!

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