Hard Hat Hank and the Sky-High Solution



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Mighty Mighty Construction Site meets The Best Nest in this rollicking, rhyming celebration of teamwork, and the ways we can live in harmony with the natural world.

Hard Hat Hank and his hardworking crew are ready to build!

With blueprints in hand, Hank knows just what to do, but it isn’t long before the plans go awry. Fortunately, Hank has solutions for just about everything—until two birds decide to make their home on the construction site. There’s no nest in the plan! The birds need to go!

But after several humorous attempts to get the birds to leave, Hank realizes that it’s time for a new plan—one in which builders and birds can both enjoy their new home.

This book is part of the Disney Planet Possible Books program, aiming to inspire and empower young readers to take care of planet Earth through amazing stories that celebrate advocacy, conservation, and stewardship, kid-friendly environmental activities, and books manufactured with care in the United States.

  • Released

    February 4th, 2025
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  • Illustrated By

    Brian Biggs