A Sword in the Slumber



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In this sweeping series of interconnected novels that can be read out of order, Disney’s Princesses grow up—and learn to rule—guided by the magical Queen’s Council. In A Sword in Slumber, raised as Briar Rose, Aurora must learn how to rule . . . not just as queen but as emperor of a nation.

This thrilling reimagining wakes Princess Aurora from her fairy tale slumber and places her against a real historical backdrop—with a Disney twist.

Briar Rose loves her life in the small Austrian town of Hausach, where she sings, dances, and runs wild through the woods with her best friend Frieda. But with her curse broken and Maleficent slain, Briar must leave her happy enclave to take her rightful place as Aurora, princess of Austria and betrothed of Prince Phillip of Lorraine.

She’s doing her best to come to terms with her new identity when the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire dies, and her father announces he will put his name forward for the position. While her days are a whirlwind of seismic change, her nights offer little respite. Mysterious dreams keep her tossing and turning, visions of queens throughout the ages, facing down conflict in their own nations.

Then Bavaria launches an attack on Austria, killing King Stefan and setting up Matilda of Bavaria to become empress. To save the empire from a warmonger’s rule, Aurora pledges to take the throne herself. She’ll have to compete against the top rulers from across the empire and learn to play their political games.

But there’s one more surprise in store. Hausach was home to more than one hidden princess, and Aurora must go head to head against her best friend to win the title of emperor, not just for herself but for all of Austria.

This thrilling reimagining of Princess Aurora wakes her from her fairy tale slumber and places her against a real historical backdrop—with a Disney twist.

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    September 3rd, 2024
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    Young Adult