Sally’s Lament

A Twisted Tale



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Disney’s New York Times best-selling A Twisted Tale series meets perennial fan-favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas, asking
“What if Sally discovered Christmas Town instead of Jack?”

Sally has mostly loved her creepy hometown of Halloween Town. But lately, she can’t help but want something more. In a place full of the frightening, you’d think living in the shadows wouldn’t feel so . . . isolating. She knows she could do so much more if she wasn’t always stuck in the lab of her creator, Dr. Finkelstein. Soon Sally is surprised to learn that the Pumpkin King, Jack, is longing for a change of his own. Determined to find a  solution for them both, Sally follows a vision that could be the  key to changing their fates.

But the more time Sally spends in the strange, jolly land of Christmas Town, the more suspicious she grows of the seemingly idyllic winter wonderland. What is lurking behind those dancing sugar  plums? And what exactly does it mean to be put on the Naughty List? Will Sally be able to save the best of both towns—before it’s  too late?

  • Released

    October 8th, 2024
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    Young Adult