Kill the Beast



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The eleventh book in the New York Times best-selling Villains series follows the downfall of Disney’s slickest, quickest, and smarmiest villain: Gaston.

He knew he was the best. He knew he was everyone’s favorite guy.

You may think this tale as old as time has been told before.
You may know about the Beauty, and the Beast, and the curse they broke together. But some stories have more than one ending. Some stories have more than one villain.

Such is the story of Gaston. Growing up, young Gaston and the prince were brothers in all but blood. Their boyhood adventures led them throughout the many rooms of the castle, and into the deep woods beyond. The woods that were home to the legendary Beast of Gévaudan, a terrifying creature whose presence loomed larger than life in their imaginations.

Then one fateful night, a violent tragedy changed their lives—and their friendship—forever, setting each of them down a very different path: one, of greed and entitlement, the other, of determination to right the wrongs of the past.

The prince, as we know, paid a price for his wicked ways. And Gaston, fueled by the magic of three meddling witches, grew ever more haunted by a singular mission: to become the hero who killed the Beast.

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    July 30th, 2024
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    Young Adult