National Geographic Traveler: Hawaii, 5th Edition


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With this beautifully illustrated guidebook’s extensive information for off-the-beaten-path and authentic spots on each Hawaiian island, you’ll be able to plan your next visit to Hawaii mindfully, with exclusive experiences in mind. National Geographic Traveler: Hawaii is the ideal companion for finding your bearings in the wide range of possibilities offered by the Hawaiian Islands, those jewels rising up in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean. The islands are the quintessential tropical paradise, but they’re also full of surprises: delicious cuisine, the most active volcano in the country, fabulous sea cliffs, and refined boutiques. A unique atmosphere with Polynesian and Asian influences that are embedded in a genuinely American spirit, each of the six major islands has its own distinct character: Oahu, the cosmopolitan meeting place; Maui, young, lush, and sporty; Kauai, the garden isle; Hawaii, the big island or the orchid of the archipelago; Molokai, family-oriented and welcoming; and Lanai, a haven of peace and serenity. Making knowledgeable choices for your visit with the help of National Geographic experts will make your experience on the islands a memorable one. Discover the best Hawaii has to offer with: Driving tours-from Volcano National Park to the famed Road to Hana; A narrative that highlights the lifestyle, history, and modern culture of the islands; Off-the-beaten path excursions; The best spots for spotting turtles, dolphins, and whales off-shore; Top-notch diving and snorkeling destinations; And so much more. You have to visit the Hawaiian Islands to truly understand the profound meaning of Aloha, which is more than just a greeting. Discover how Aloha infiltrates every aspect of Hawaiian life with suggestions from National Geographic photographers and travel experts that take the guesswork out of planning your next trip.

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    May 17th, 2022
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