Upworthy – GOOD PEOPLE

Stories From the Best of Humanity

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For anyone who needs proof that the world is full of good people, this beautifully illustrated book features 101 feel-good stories from Upworthy, the beloved social media platform where millions go to seek inspiration.

GOOD PEOPLE is a much-needed trove of life-affirming stories told straight from the heart. Handpicked from Upworthy’s community of millions, each piece speaks to the breadth, depth, and beauty of the human experience. With proof that decency surrounds each and every one of us, Upworthy’s first book is a perspective-changing salve that will leave even the most unlikely reader feeling better about the world.

Rippling with wit, compassion, and courage, each chapter offers a restorative opportunity to believe in people’s fundamental goodness. Inside, you’ll find beautifully illustrated stories, including:

The Kindest of Strangers, when a waitress’s regular customer gives her the opportunity to chart a new life course.
Learn by Heart, when a teacher’s brilliance helps her class accept a little boy with an eye patch.
It’s the Little Things, when a former baker finds a creative, and tasty, way to rally his community through the most difficult of times.
The Kids Are All Right, when a lonely woman and a four-year-old girl bond over some unexpected fairytale magic.
When I Needed It Most, when a landlord’s generosity helps his tenant navigate his grief.
Away From Home, when a toddler and her mother provide safe haven for a sick fellow traveler.

An essential counterbalance to today’s daunting news cycle, this deeply moving book is emotional nourishment for navigating modern life, both online and off.

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    September 3rd, 2024
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