World of Reading: Minnie Hocus Bow-cus!

Ages 3-5 eBook with Audio 32 pages Author: Gina Gold On Sale: 9-2-2014 ISBN: 1-4847-0139-9ISBN: 978-1-4847-0139-3
Ages 3-5 By: Gina Gold Series: World of Reading (eBook)

Read along with Disney! Minnie is launching her new “Bows are Magical” fashion line and hires Penguini the Magnificent to put on a spectacular magic show. But when Penguini realizes he forgot his lucky bow tie at home, he rushes off to find it, leaving the magic show without a magician! Millie and Melody rehearsed with Penguini, but will they be able to remember all the tricks of the trade? Follow along with word-for-word narration to find out if they can save the day!

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