Mirrorverse: Pure of Heart


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Step into Disney Mirrorverse, a brand-new realm of endless adventure, where mirrored reflections of iconic Disney and Pixar characters are amplified and evolved, becoming battle-ready Guardians that must unite to defeat a powerful evil that threatens their home worlds.

Set in a fantasy land that is familiar but slightly changed, the story begins as Snow White helps a young deer in the forest.
 This isn’t the Snow White that Disney fans know: this is Snow White as reflected and evolved within the Mirrorverse, with new abilities and items infused with Stellar Magic that she must learn how to wield. Despite her new skills and the strange things happening in her world, Snow White, or “Snow” as her friends often call her, has been carrying on as normal…until now.

As she returns to her cottage, Snow is met with seven dark, angry expressions, and glowing white eyes. They surround her, claiming they need to capture “the heart of Snow White.” Snow desperately tries to reason with who she thought were her friends, but they refuse to listen to her, and she ultimately must use her newly acquired abilities to defeat them.

It is only when Stellar Sorcerer Mickey Mouse, the leader of the Mirrorverse Guardians, arrives and explains that the creatures she defeated were not her friends, but instead a group of evil copies created by Fractured Magic. Snow believes that the evil Queen has taken her friends, and it is up to Snow to retrieve them and the Fractured Stellar Mirror, the source of the evil  power, before it can be used to destroy Snow’s home world forever.

But Snow doesn’t need to face the Queen alone. Mickey assigns her a team of fellow Guardians, powerful beings from many different worlds who have committed to thwarting the Fractured and protecting the Mirrorverse from harm. Snow meets Tiana—an expert potion-maker—Rapunzel—a fighter who knows how to wield a frying pan—Stitch—a chaotic blue alien who can change forms—Sulley— a monster with a big heart—and Hades—the lord of the Underworld, who has offered to join the mission to see what this whole “Guardian gig” is about.

This unlikely crew ventures into Snow’s world, where they find growing Fractured hordes, a determined Huntsman, and a newly poisoned dark forest. On the way to the palace, each character faces a challenge seemingly created just for them.

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    July 4th, 2023
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    Young Adult