The Ultimate Book of Reptiles

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Meet the coolest cold-blooded animals ever. From lizards to snakes, turtles to crocodiles, something called a tuatara, and even enormous prehistoric reptiles (think: real-life sea monsters!), you’ll discover what makes a reptile a reptile, how these creatures live, hunt, hide, raise their young, and the wild adaptations that make them so unique. Learn which snake is the most venomous on the planet and which are surprisingly gentle creatures, which reptile is born with a highly developed third eye in its forehead, and which one is so tiny it could balance on the tip of your finger-plus loads of super important conservation information and impactful ways to join the fight to save endangered reptile species right from home! With gorgeous full-color photographs and nail-biting stories from Dr. Somaweera in the field-including the time he waded waist-deep into a cave teeming with gigantic crocodiles!-this book takes you up close and personal with wild, weird, and just plain wonderful reptiles. Complete your collection with the Ultimate Book of Sharks, the Ultimate Book of African Animals, and the Ultimate Book of Big Cats!

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    August 15th, 2023
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