Beyond Infinity



See farther into the universe than ever before and discover how NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is unlocking the mysteries of space!

Have you ever wondered what the universe looked like billions of years ago, or asked yourself what might happen if galaxies collided? The James Webb Space Telescope gives us never-before-seen glimpses of the answers to these questions, showing us the birth and death of stars and galaxies, helping scientists find Earthlike planets, and even revealing asteroids closer to home. This book explains the amazing science of the James Webb Space Telescope in a fun and accessible way, helping kids understand the big questions the telescope will help us answer.

In this book, you’ll find tons of beautiful photographs taken by the telescope, all with kid-friendly captions. You’ll learn how the telescope works and how it was built, hear stories about the team behind it and the science that made it possible, discover fun facts about the telescope, and meet real NASA scientists. Above all, you’ll delve into the mysteries of the universe and find out just how much more there is to discover.

Perfect for budding astronomers, this book is an ideal introduction to the out-of-this-world discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope, full of the mind-blowing images that have captured the imagination of millions!

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    October 15th, 2024
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