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From the biggest to the smallest, the fiercest to the cutest, this science-packed, photo-filled encyclopedia has everything you want to know about these amazing, warm-blooded creatures. What animal figured out how to eat a porcupine? Which creature smells like popcorn? How can cheetahs run so fast? From the colossal blue whale to the tiny pygmy shrew, plus lions, hippos, polar bears, sea otters, quokkas, orangutans, dolphins, and more, check out the 200-plus mammals in this colorful encyclopedia! Ultimate Mammalpedia bursts with fascinating facts about the fiercest, fastest, strangest, coolest, and most aww-inspiring mammals on the planet!

Features include: A lively introduction to the furry world of mammals, including distinguishing characteristics, mammal homes, family life, and more Fascinating information about more than 200 mammals, including their scientific name, habitat, diet, behavior, and latest discoveries, all reviewed for accuracy by experts in the field Incredible photographs of your favorite animals-and ones you never knew existed Colorful graphics illustrate mammal habitats, lifecycles, and more Fun fact boxes about quirky characteristics, fascinating physical features, bizarre behaviors, and more From familiar favorites like tigers, pandas, and wolves, to the rare and exotic, like narwhals and volcano rabbits, the mammals inside this book will fill you with wonder and appreciation for our planet and the many amazing creatures who call it home. Complete your collection with other National Geographic Kids Ultimate “pedias”! Ultimate Dinopedia 2nd edition Ultimate Bugopedia Ultimate Reptileopedia Ultimate Oceanpedia Ultimate Predatorpedia Ultimate Weatherpedia

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    July 25th, 2023
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