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Hawkeye: Bishop Takes King

By: Ashley Poston
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Thor Quest: Hammers of the Gods

By: Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing Illustrated By: Billy Yong
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A Little Hulk Trouble

By: Marvel Press Book Group

The Courage to Dream

By: Frederick Joseph Illustrated By: Nikkolas Smith

Meet Five Marvel Super Heroes

By: Marvel Press Book Group

Housesitting at Tony’s

By: Disney Books

Black Panther: Uprising

By: Ronald L. Smith

Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma

By: Preeti Chhibber Illustrated By: Nicoletta Baldari

Trick or TRACE-E

By: Disney Books

Spider-Man’s Beyond Amazing Adventures

By: MacKenzie Cadenhead, Sean Ryan

Okoye to the People

By: Ibi Zoboi