Why? The Human Body


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Why can kids hear better than grown-ups? Why can’t humans spit like llamas? This brainy and zany Q&A book answers the serious and silly questions kids have about the human body.

Put on your lab coat and grab hold of your stethoscope as you embark on a scientific mission to boost your brainpower on all topics about the human body! Explore anatomy and find out why bones break. Look into the senses and discover why sour foods make your mouth pucker. Get acquainted with genetics to find out why your hair changes over time. Be boggled by the power of your brain as you decipher why you can hear yourself think. Get grossed out—in a good way—as you uncover why snot and boogers have an important job to do. Discover how scientists study new diseases, and ponder if humans will one day be able to live forever.

This compact and focused little sibling of the best-selling Why? Over 1,111 Answers to Everything is the second title in a series of fun-packed books designed to supercharge and satisfy your curiosity while keeping you entertained for hours. Figure out what makes you you as you marvel over hundreds of fun facts, stunning photographs, explorer interviews, and activities such as matching games and quizzes.

With succinct, funny text, eye-popping color photos and illustrations, and mind-boggling facts, Why? The Human Body is sure to please the Q&A-loving crowd! Add to your collection with Why? Animals.

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    June 6th, 2023
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