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A Diver’s Guide to the World

By: Carrie Miller, Chris Taylor
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The Blue Zones American Kitchen

By: Dan Buettner
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All the Love on This Island

By: Natalie Davis
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1,000 Facts About Space

By: Dean Regas
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Here Comes Valentine’s Day!

By: Disney Books
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By: Melissa Landers

Star Wars: Convergence

By: Zoraida Córdova

Briarcliff Prep

By: Brianna Peppins

Inside the Curve

By: Claudi Carreras

Birding Basics

By: Noah Strycker

Just Joking 7

By: National Geographic

The Imagineering Story

By: Leslie Iwerks

Big Book of W.O.W.

By: Andrea Silen, Kelly Hargrave

100 Cities, 5,000 Ideas

By: Joe Yogerst

The Courage to Dream

By: Frederick Joseph Illustrated By: Nikkolas Smith

Stargazer’s Atlas

By: National Geographic

100 Disney Adventures of a Lifetime

By: Marcy Carriker Smothers

Little Kids First Board Book African Animals

By: National Geographic Kids


By: Mo Willems Illustrated By: Mo Willems

Treasures of Egypt

By: National Geographic

National Geographic Readers: Sharks!

By: Stephanie Warren Drimmer

The Aristokittens #3: The Fantastic Rabbit Race

By: Jennifer Castle Illustrated By: Sydney Hanson

Twelfth Grade Night

By: Molly Horton Booth, Stephanie Kate Strohm Illustrated By: Jamie Green

Poster Art of the Disney Parks, Second Edition

By: Danny Handke, Vanessa Hunt

Walt’s Apprentice

By: Dick Nunis

Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi Academy #2: Mai and the Tricky Transformation

By: Kallie George Illustrated By: Lorena Alvarez Gómez

Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi Academy #1: Rory and the Magical Mix-Ups

By: Kallie George Illustrated By: Lorena Alvarez Gómez

Izzy Newton and the S.M.A.R.T. Squad: The Law of Cavities (Book 3)

By: Valerie Tripp Illustrated By: Millie Liu

Path of Deceit

By: Justina Ireland, Tessa Gratton

Malice House

By: Megan Shepherd

Anne of Greenville

By: Mariko Tamaki

Disney Cautionary Tales

By: Ridley Pearson


By: Steve Reiss

Prince of Song & Sea

By: Linsey Miller

Explorer Academy: The Forbidden Island (Book 7)

By: Trudi Trueit Illustrated By: Scott Plumbe

Lords of Night, The

By: J. C. Cervantes

Loud Mouse

By: Cara Mentzel, Idina Menzel Illustrated By: Jaclyn Sinquett

Tiana’s Cookbook

By: Disney, Joy Howard

Big Bad

By: Lily Anderson

The Ultimate Book of Big Cats

By: Sharon Guynup, Steve Winter

Hey, Bruce!

By: Ryan T. Higgins Illustrated By: Ryan T. Higgins

Why? Animals

By: Julie Beer

Birnbaum’s 2023 Disneyland

By: Birnbaum Guides

Moon, Stars, Sleep

By: Disney Books

Meet Five Marvel Super Heroes

By: Marvel Press Book Group

Housesitting at Tony’s

By: Disney Books

A Man of the World

By: Gilbert M. Grosvenor, Mark Collins Jenkins

The Great Age Reboot

By: Albert Ratner, Michael F. Roizen, Peter Linneman

Fearlessly Philippe

By: Kiki Thorpe Illustrated By: Laura Catrinella

Nerdlet: Tech

By: Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh

Almost There

By: Farrah Rochon

Black Panther: Uprising

By: Ronald L. Smith

Raising the Horseman

By: Serena Valentino

Frozen: Anna, Elsa, and the Enchanting Holiday

By: Meredith Rusu Illustrated By: Nathanna Érica

5,000 Awesome Facts About Animals

By: National Geographic

Weird But True! Birthdays

By: National Geographic

Hocus Pocus: The Illustrated Novelization

By: A. W. Jantha Illustrated By: Gris Grimly

Construction Destruction

By: Disney Books

Weird But True World 2023

By: National Geographic Kids

Break Down!

By: Mara Grunbaum

How to Speak Animal

By: Aubre Andrus, Gabby Wild

The Undead Truth of Us

By: Britney S. Lewis

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky: The Graphic Novel

By: Kwame Mbalia Illustrated By: Olivia Stephens

Fractured Path

By: J. C. Cervantes

Bloody Fool for Love

By: William Ritter

Apples, Leaves, Weather

By: Disney Books

Once Upon a Scream

By: Vera Strange

Can’t Get Enough Space Stuff

By: Julie Beer, Stephanie Warren Drimmer

Unforgettable Unbirthday

By: Disney Books


By: Kiersten White

Ravenous Things

By: Derrick Chow