A Ruinous Fate

By: Kaylie Smith


By: Kaylie Smith


By: Melissa Landers

Briarcliff Prep

By: Brianna Peppins

Twelfth Grade Night

By: Molly Horton Booth, Stephanie Kate Strohm Illustrated By: Jamie Green

Loud Mouse

By: Cara Mentzel, Idina Menzel Illustrated By: Jaclyn Sinquett

Hey, Bruce!

By: Ryan T. Higgins Illustrated By: Ryan T. Higgins

Fearlessly Philippe

By: Kiki Thorpe Illustrated By: Laura Catrinella

Almost There

By: Farrah Rochon

The Undead Truth of Us

By: Britney S. Lewis

Fractured Path

By: J. C. Cervantes

Bloody Fool for Love

By: William Ritter

Ravenous Things

By: Derrick Chow

After Life

By: Melissa de la Cruz