There’s a Sea Witch in My Swim Class


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Calling all campers! Lilliputian Villages Summer Camp (also known as “Camp Lil’ Vills”) is the perfect spot for all the things that make camp fun: outdoor activities, camp songs, new friends, and . . . evil villains?

To beat the heat, Bloom and Benji explore all that Lake Whisper has to offer: flying dolphins, enchanted sand shaping, wish fish, even sea-star-gazing! Benji wants to dive into all the activities, while Bloom wishes water magic were less unpredictable. She also thinks there’s something fishy about Ursula, a sea witch who helps fellow campers . . . for a price. And soon the friends realize that Ursula might be after a prize that could sweep the whole camp away. Can Bloom overcome her fear of the lake and save the day—or will she be as helpless as a fish out of water?

  • Released

    June 13th, 2023
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  • Illustrated By

    Ria Maria Lee