LEGO Disney Princess: A Dragon in the Castle?

The LEGO Princess series brings eight Disney Princesses together in one amazing castle, filled with magic and friendship. Their second adventure happens during a slumber party at the castle and our princesses are eager to invite a new guest! But when things don’t go exactly to plan, they’ll have to tap into their bravery and creative energy to save the castle—and themselves—from the mayhem that follows. Join the princesses as they discover the value of kindness and the power of friendship.

LEGO Disney Princess: The Friendship Bridge

The LEGO Princess series brings eight Disney Princesses together in one amazing castle, filled with magic and friendship. This World of Reading adventure begins with a stream that prevents the princesses from visiting the gardens they love. Using each other’s many strengths, the princesses make a plan that will bring them back together. When the princesses combine their wits, talents, and ability to think and act quickly, they find that they can accomplish anything.

LEGO Disney Princess: The Surprise Storm

The LEGO Princess series brings eight Disney Princesses together for the first time in one amazing castle, filled with magic and friendship. In their first chapter book adventure, a glitter storm descends upon the castle and causes glittery mayhem at every turn. Though the princesses did their best to prepare for the storm and prevent damage, Aurora’s room is destroyed at the hands of the storm while she’s away in the forest. Nothing can keep a team of strong and capable princesses down for long, though. They band together and pool their resources and talents to make sure that when Aurora returns, the castle still feels like home.

Thank You, Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and his friends from the Hundred-Acre Wood contemplate some of the best things to say “thank you” for in this delightful board book that comes with plush Pooh Bear ears!

Five Tales of Fun!

Young readers will love this collection of five Disney Junior World of Reading Level 1 titles featuring their favorite Disney Junior friends, the Puppy Dog Pals, Vampirina, and Mickey and the Roadster Racers!

Disney Parks Presents: Jungle Cruise: Animals!

Based off the fan-favorite Disney Parks Presents picture book, this board book is perfect for young kids who want to expand upon their animal vocabulary. Jungle Cruise: Animals! serves as the perfect introduction to the many animals living along the tropical rivers of the world-famous Parks attraction, with each adorable animal having their name written by it.

Buddies Collection

Young readers can get a hug from Olaf, calm down with Anger, chat with the dwarfs, and discover new thingamabobs with Scuttle in this wonderful unleveled reader bind-up.

Home Scream Home

Vampirina is excited to return to Transylvania with her friends so their band “The Ghoul Girls” can compete in the Scream Factor Talent Show. But she’s also nervous she won’t fit in anymore now that she’s been living in Pennsylvania for so long! Join in the ghoulish Transylvanian fun in this read-along book and cd that comes with a Ghoul Girls song to sing along to!

First Colors, Shapes, Numbers

With a padded cover, sturdy board pages, colorful art, and a cast of Disney characters, this book introduces little ones to shapes, colors, and numbers in a delightfully Disney way.

Vee’s Slumber Party

Vampirina’s hosting a sleepover and her new friends are curious to hang out with the new girl in town, her unique family, and her adorable dog, Wolfie. Vampirina just hopes her first slumber party won’t turn into a fright-fest! This read-along storybook and CD features the actual character voices and sound effects from the fang-tastic episode!

Song of the Sirenas

In this story based on an exciting tentpole episode, Elena visits the West Coast of Avalor, where she meets mysterious underwater creatures called sirenas-and encounters the evil sorceress Shuriki once again!

Vampirina in the Fall

Vampirina thinks Fall is fang-tastic—the eerie chill in the air, the crunch of dead leaves, the scent of rotten apples… This Level 1 reader with a sheet of fall-themed stickers will be a book kids can really sink their teeth into!


With a padded cover, sturdy board pages, flaps for every letter of the alphabet, and a cast of Disney characters from Abu to Zazu and everyone in between, this unique flap book introduces little ones to their ABCs in a delightfully Disney way.